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Boissy SA

Created in Laussonne in Haute-Loire in 1947, Boissy Chaussures remains a French manufacturer with a strong attachment to the notion of “Made in France”.
The last shoe manufacturer in Auvergne, today Boissy employs 105 people in its factory and 80 home workers, a performance in a sector where everything is about offshoring.

A family firm that has managed to change with the times.
Pierre Augustin Boissy opened a first workshop producing hand-made shoes in 1920. In 1947, Pierre Louis Boissy opened a site on the road into the town of Lausonne, and gradually it hired more and more workers, increasing from 14 in 1947 to 100 in 1958…
In 1959, the factory building was extended. In 1973, Albert Boissy came to work with his brother Alain, who had joined the firm a year earlier.
Two years later, Albert Boissy developed the firm’s first collection of women’s moccasins – until then the company had only made men’s shoes.
Focusing on comfortable shoes, Boissy Chaussures distinguished itself from the competition by designing each season two or three new customised soles, at the price of a great deal of research work.  Designing and producing soles in-house is today a major advantage in terms of responsiveness and innovation, one that still sets the firm apart from its competitors.

Today, French manufacturer Boissy Chaussures has become a brand that is well-known and widely recognised for its know-how in the manufacturing of entirely hand sewn moccasins.

Boissy Chaussures, A company committed and solidary

Boissy Chaussures, French shoe manufacturer based in Laussonne, Haute-Loire, participates actively in a number of charitable projects. In September 2015, former chairman Albert Boissy, donated 3,000 pairs of moccasins to the Kiwanis Club in Le Puy-en-Velay.

3,002 pairs of shoes sent to Romania.

To support the Kiwanis Club in Le Puy-en-Velay, Boissy Chaussures, based in Laussonne, chose to donate over 3,000 pairs of shoes, with a value of 48,000 Euros. These shoes were distributed to disadvantaged people in the town of Turnu Manguerele in Romania.

With a 2,400 kg load, the lorry carrying the shoes was due to set off on Thursday 15 September and arrive 48 hours later at the Romanian Kiwanis Club. Several members of the Kiwanis Club were present, including Michel Sanial, President of the Le Puy-en-Velay section and his successor, Michel Missonnier, Jean-Marc Henry, lieutenant-governor of the Auvergne region, Michel Margerit, who was in charge of the operation, as well as Albert Boissy, former chairman of Boissy Chaussures.

In a spirit of solidarity, Boissy Chaussures agreed to participate in these generous actions to help the disadvantaged in Romania.

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