Boissy Chaussures launches a range of morphological shoes, a range of comfortable, medical shoes especially for fragile feet.

A brand of morphological shoes created by Boissy Chaussures and designed for all feet, even the most sensitive. With this new brand, the company from Laussonne in Haute-Loire, is jumping with both feet into the medical shoe market, offering models that are both attractive and adapted to the requirements of injured feet.

Morphological shoes for sensitive feet.

An artisan shoe manufacturer since 1947, Boissy Chaussures is diversifying its offer to meet every need of every foot. Well-known in France as the last manufacturer of entirely hand sewn moccasins, and for the unmatched quality of its design, the family firm has now created the morphological range, a brand of well-designed shoes for fragile or injured feet.

Designed to offer optimum comfort, the range is designed exclusively for feet that are sensitive, bruised or have been operated on, and offers specially adapted shoes. The choice of the materials and the quality of the production process rest on Boissy’s know-how and skill developed over three generations.

Extensible, deformable shoes.

The morphological range by Boissy Chaussures consists of about thirty different models combining elegance and medical virtues, which are extensible and deformable thanks to elastic side sections. Aware of the pain that can result from foot injuries, most of our models offer total opening for easy introduction of the foot without forcing or pain.

An artisan and industrial shoe manufacturer and specialist in sole design, Boissy Chaussures has put a great deal of effort into the production quality of its morphological shoes and their customised soles.

At the same time, the company has designed a goatskin insole with polyurethane or latex foam to dampen and absorb up to 80% of the impacts from walking transferred to the foot. To optimise and further facilitate the step cycle without discomfort to the foot, the moccasins also have a cushioned, non-slip outer sole. The full collection can be consulted on the website.

The catalog
Spring / Summer 2020
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