A quality leather for Boissy’s shoes.

Designed with three generations’ worth of artisan and industrial know-how, Boissy Chaussures’ 100% leather shoes are soft, comfortable and offer a feeling of well-being as well as a touch of French style.

Hand sewn artisan and industrial production.

Boissy Chaussures makes shoes using a singular manual production method that requires rigour, know-how and precise skill and craftsmanship: hand sewing.

Guaranteeing a quality finish, the hand sewing technique puts all the company’s know-how and craftsmanship into the finishing and the working of the leather and other materials. Boissy Chaussures, a family firm founded in 1947 carefully selects the top quality leather it uses, to guarantee the quality of its men’s and women’s shoes.

Selected and worked by us, the leather, the “breathing” material par excellence, breathes and moulds to the foot of the wearer. It therefore avoids pinching and pain. Known for its strength, leather lasts considerably longer than other materials; leather gives shoes a refined look as well as offering greater resistance and suppleness, adapting to every morphology of foot.

Comfortable to wear, leather takes care of normal, fragile and even injured feet. It is also perfectly suited every season, thanks to its thermostatic properties, maintaining an internal temperature that is warm and pleasant in winter and slightly cooler in summer. With all these properties and virtues, leather remains the preferred material for the manufacturing of our collections of shoes.

Chaussures Boissy, quality on your feet.

From the 100% leather upper to the inner sole, Boissy shoes guarantee strength and comfort as much as flexibility and well-being.

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