Boissy Chaussures, up-to-the-minute collections for men and women

Resolutely fashionable and definitely modern, Boissy renews its range of shoes every year, producing a new collection for each season.
Boissy Chaussures therefore makes fashionable, comfortable shoes, in line with demand on the market for men’s and women’s shoes… With its two collections a year, Boissy Chaussures regularly offers new designs of quality French shoes.

A reference shoe brand.

Boissy Chaussures and its 140 local employees put all their skill and energy into designing shoes, moccasins, sandals, Derby shoes, loafers, slippers, boots, ankle boots, etc. Boissy Chaussures, a family firm based in Laussonne in Haute-Loire (43) satisfies thousands of men and women every year with elegant collections of shoes that follow the seasons and the latest fashions. Our production plant in Laussonne creates and produces 1,500 pairs of shoes a day.

Shoe collections renewed for each season.

Boissy, a family firm founded in 1947, brings out new collections for men and women every year, and develops its range to please as wide a range of customers as possible. When it designs its shoes, Boissy Chaussures always aims to combine elegance and comfort, style and well-being. Constantly refreshed, Boissy Chaussures’ collections emphasise the technical skill involved in making them.

New from Chaussures Boissy: a special range for the medical sector.

To meet the needs of fragile, injured or sensitive feet in summer and winter, Boissy Chaussures has launched a range of morphological shoes, a brand of morphological footwear. Dedicated to a mainly female clientele, the morphological range offers numerous styles of open or closed shoes designed in extensible and deformable materials.
Based on the know-how of Boissy Chaussures, the morphological brand has been developed to meet the needs of all types of feet and to provide optimum comfort for sensitive, injured or bruised feet.

Constantly seeking to innovate, Boissy Chaussures designs new models of shoes to meet the requirements of all feet, creating new collections of comfortable, elegant, quality shoes.

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