Boissy Chaussures, 100% quality leather

Designed with 100% quality leather, the moccasins made by Boissy Chaussures, based a few kilometres from Le Puy-en-Velay in Haute-Loire (43), offer comfort, softness and strength.

Leather shoes: shoes that breathe.

Rediscover the absolute comfort of a shoe made of quality leather. Boissy Chaussures shoes well-known for their resistance and quality of design.

The 100% leather inner sole covering the entire shoe (moccasins, boots, Derby shoes, loafers, sandals…) used by Boissy Chaussures guarantees extreme robustness, for both walking and running, and an astonishingly light shoe. Flexible and ultra-comfortable, leather moulds perfectly to the shape of your foot without rubbing or pinching.

The perfect “breathable” material, our leather is permeable and allows the air to circulate inside our shoes, effectively combating perspiration and foot odour. Ideal to wear in every season, leather maintains a very pleasant internal temperature in winter and in summer.

Elegant in 100% leather.

If leather itself has many advantages, it also allows for quality attractive finishes on
Boissy Chaussures’ moccasins.

Waxed, matt, soft: we offer several styles and collections of leather shoes following the latest trends in order to meets the requirements of our customers, men and women, effectively and precisely.

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Spring / Summer 2020
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