Boissy Chaussures, shoe collections Made in France

With an approach to production based on the notion of French quality, Boissy Chaussures proudly defends the principles of “Made in France” manufacturing. Since 1947, Boissy’s attachment to artisan and industrial production in the heart of Haute-Loire has made the company one of the last defenders of the French shoe-making industry.

Elegance, new styles, comfortable feet…

The family firm, whose production plant is located in Laussonne in Haute-Loire (43), designs shoes that are assuredly elegant and made in France. The company renews its lines every year with two flagship collections, which echo the latest trends on the market, whilst continuing to develop the brand’s best sellers and highlighting new techniques and designs. Boissy has sought to place innovation at the service of comfort since 1947.

Artisan manufacturing of French shoes.

An artisan and industrial manufacturer, Boissy Chaussures is now the last shoe maker in the Department of Auvergne still hand sewing its shoes, a manual technique that requires skill and attention to detail and is used mainly for moccasins.

With a body of expertise and skills developed since 1947, Boissy Chaussures has all the design and production capacity to offer its customers unique, quality models of shoes. Always ready to listen to its customers and attentive to their needs, Boissy Chaussures is committed to designing elegant, comfortable and fashionable shoes.

Up-to-the-minute shoe designs.

To meet the requirements of the men’s and women’s shoe markets, Boissy Chaussures adapts its collections to the latest trends. The company based in the heart of Auvergne in Haute-Loire brings out two complete collections of men’s and women’s shoes every year. Boissy Chaussures designs all its shoes from A to Z (moccasins, boots, ankle boots, slippers…).

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