Chez Boissy Chaussures, traditional hand sewing technique.

The last manufacturer in France to use the traditional hand sewing technique to make its shoes, this operation remains, for Boissy Chaussures, a guarantee of recognised quality.

Boissy Chaussures, the art of hand sewing.

Complexity, precision, skill… The hand sewing technique requires rigour and meticulousness. For over 70 years, Boissy Chaussures has applied this technique with great care and skill to the production of its moccasins.

To make hand sewn shoes, the bottom part of the upper is assembled with a needle to the upper part of the sole. As the upper and the sole are directly stitched together, the hand sewing technique uses a ½ mounting insole.

Hand sewn shoes, a true guarantee of quality.

Shoe production techniques offer different assemblies with different properties and advantages depending on the method used. The glue used by some brands, for example, soon disintegrates, which means the shoe has no solidity. Favouring durability and the strength of the shoes, but also comfort, waterproofing and attractiveness, Boissy Chaussures’ hand sewing technique is most certainly a guarantee of quality recognised by its peers in the industry. Boissy hand sewn shoes offer optimum comfort and well-being for the foot.

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