boissy chaussures de confort fabricant de chaussures en france

“Quality at the heart of a manufacturing process Made in France .”

Attached to the values of quality French manufacturing, Boissy Chaussures, a family firm founded in 1947, based in Laussonne in Haute-Loire (43), draws on its history, its know-how and current trends to continually renew itself through each of its collections.

Boissy Chaussures, quality values.

Since it first opened its factory in Laussonne in Haute-Loire, Boissy Chaussures has established itself as a shoe brand that places the emphasis on quality and comfort.
Know-how Made in Auvergne: the company defends French manufacturing in style with its hand sewn shoes.

The manual production method with hand sewing has proved itself year after year to be one of the company’s genuine assets. Hand sewing remains a very specific technique and one which Boissy Chaussures is the last French manufacturer to use in its production.

With a deep attachment to these traditional methods and values, Boissy Chaussures also relies on a network of independent shops to sell its shoes all over France. Its production plant is situated in the canton of Saint-Julien Chapteuil (Haute-Loire), more precisely at Laussonne.

Precise skills and know-how.

Boissy Chaussures, a genuine artisan manufacturer, is a company that still proudly defends the principles of French manufacturing, and it is strongly anchored in the heart of Auvergne. Its comfortable, elegant shoes are designed with quality raw materials such as leather, which guarantees unequalled strength and comfort.

The rigorous care taken in designing every model, the skills developed since 1947, the importance of its “Made in France” production, the design of new models of shoes essentially based on the latest trends and designed for comfort have over the years come to represent the pillars of Boissy Chaussures quality.

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