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Boissy, creator of comfort

Boissy, the culture of comfort

Since its creation in 1947, Boissy has made comfort the essence of each of its models. A sure value built around four pillars: historical know-how, quality culture, technology and design. Boissy comfort is a harmonious blend of these different components.


Discover everything that makes Boissy comfortable !

Boissy soles

For more than 75 years, BOISSY has been designing 2 to 3 new models of soles per season and manufacturing the soles in Laussonne in one or two colours for each model. The soles are created by Boissy designers. The moulds are developed and manufactured in France. Thus, each model has a tailor-made sole in line with the shape, use and type of walking.


The design

All Boissy models are designed by a specialised footwear design team. Our designers, stylists and pattern makers are experienced and attentive to the expectations of users. In addition, Boissy improves the comfort of its products by collaborating with various French and European partners on complementary technologies and know-how.

Construction of the shoe

Comfort is best achieved when the construction of a shoe follows certain rules. Each use, each shoe shape and each foot requires special attention, and the construction of the shoe must be in harmony with the foot. Boissy has more than 75 years of experience in shoe manufacturing and focuses all its efforts on listening to the needs, well-being and satisfaction of its users.

Adhesion of the sole

The grip and comfort of Boissy soles is achieved by a balance between shape, weight and footprint design. Also, the choice of the materials and the design of the grooves are essential to the efficiency of the sole.

Ease of use

Ease of movement is an important component of comfort. The foot should not be compressed. It should not float either. It should be well supported and protected by the shoe in all circumstances. It should be able to breathe. The use of soft leathers on the outside and inside of the shoe meets these needs.


The foot is a complex system, consisting of 26 bones and 180 muscles! On average, a foot travels 180,000 km in a lifetime... Our insoles are designed to ensure that the foot moves smoothly, to support lateral movements and to absorb shocks. The materials used also help to reinforce the flexion quality of our soles and uppers.


The foot has natural support points. This data must be taken into account to improve comfort in terms of balance and stability. Boissy shoes provide good foot support and excellent stability. They do not prohibit lateral movements and allow for agility while preserving the sensations of each step.


Foot perspiration is natural, but can be a problem if not incorporated into the design of the shoe.Boissy designs its leather models with breathable leather linings and insoles.


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