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La maison Boissy

Boissy, a quality house

Boissy is a French manufacturer of comfort shoes, established since 1947 in Laussonne in Haute-Loire. A brand renowned for the quality and comfort of its products, with a long history of expertise in the manufacturing of shoes and soles. Boissy is the historic house of the hand-stitched moccasin, even if the company is also able to make most of the other shoe constructions!

Discover our history and our values!

History in the making

The family business was founded in 1947 by Pierre-Louis Boissy in Laussonne, Haute-Loire. But as early as 1920, his father Pierre-Augustin Boissy had already set up a small shoe manufacturing workshop. Later, Albert Boissy came to assist his brother Alain and in 1975 developed the first women's moccasin collections, whereas until then the company had only manufactured men's shoes.

The company's history continues today with Anne and Yves Poitoux. Two passionate industrialists who rely on their historical know-how in shoe making and sole manufacturing to offer new creative, modern and even more comfortable collections.

The strength of a territory

Boissy is renowned for its know-how in the manufacture of the "Integral Moccasin", as well as in many other comfort constructions. It is one of the last French manufacturers to have a group of people who do the lacing of the moccasin platform at home. The craftsmen, all local, give each shoe the strength and character of their territory.

Historical know-how

Boissy has a manufacturing process that includes cutting, stitching, assembly and also the manufacture of soles. Thanks to a careful work by the values of comfort, quality and design, the Boissy brand has built a solid reputation of know-how and quality in comfort for three generations.

The Boissy legacy

For more than 75 years, Boissy has been known for its know-how in the manufacture of shoes specifically designed for comfort: emblematic shoes that carry the culture and history of the company, such as the integral moccasin and its derivatives, timeless models that represent the values of an authentic territory. Find these emblematic models such as OLYM, BLAISE or ROMY in our Héritage Boissy range!

Boissy also own a high range and trendy brand of moccasins and comfort shoes, named MAURICE.

Made in France   

Boissy is the last French "industrial craftsman" to integrate hand-stitching into the integral manufacture of its 100% leather moccasins. Today, the company continues this historical know-how, while developing new Comfort models in line with users' expectations. The historic factory in Laussonne has been producing Boissy shoes by 60 shoe craftsmen for 3 generations. You will find the Boissy brand on our models bearing the Made in France label.

The Boissy spirit    

The Esprit Boissy range is the result of technical and stylistic partnerships forged over the years with other European manufacturers. Their complementarity with Boissy's know-how extends the choice of Comfort models that can be offered to users.

The design

The notion of industrial craftsmanship symbolises the harmony that exists between the traditional gesture of the human hand and the mechanical precision of our production tools. Boissy is a brand committed to design. Its nature is to make quality products for the greatest number of people. To listen to our customers, our users and our community. To constantly seek a balance between style and comfort. To give our shoes more than a function, a story, a territory, a state of mind. This is the BOISSY brand.

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